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Ask4healthcare is India's leading medical services company and portal involved with Medical tourism as well as domestic facilitation. It has been sending patients like you to safe and affordable surgery destinations across India since 2010. You simply post your requirements and then we help you select a procedure, choose a surgeon, upload medical records, and then book the surgery all from one easy website. You can also request us to book flights, reserve hotels , provide visa assistance and any other services that you might require. The prices that you receive from ask4healthcare are quoted by the surgeons or hospitals themselves without any markups. So if you are looking for healthcare that is safe, affordable, and immediate, Ask4healthcare is your gateway to healthcare decisions.

Talk to a doctor from our medical adviosry team, not a salesperson about overseas healthcare:

We understand how intimating and scary traveling abroad for healthcare can be and we take pride in being able to take away any fear or doubt you may have and trust that you will be in safe hands. From the moment you call / write in to us, you will see that we are unlike any company you have worked with before. You will first speak with our in house patient welfare team, who after receiving your reports shall get back to you with the feedback from our medical advisory and research team, who would have gone over your symptoms and understand your current medical situation, before making any suggestions. You shall also get a facility to upload your medical records, email the doctors directly to ask them questions and follow the process step by step. We also help with all of your travel arrangements from having someone at the airport to pick you up and take you to your hotel (or the hospital depending on your situation) to making sure that you have someone who speaks English (or other anguages) available to assist you with any questions or problems you maybe have any time of day.
As you browse through our website you will find many different procedures we can help you with. However, keep in mind that even if a procedure may not be listed on our website we are still able to help. With our connections in the medical tourism field we are able to find a state of the art facility that can help you with just about any procedure you can think of.

Affordable Surgeries, Not Cheap Surgeries

A member of the ask4healthcare team has visited each and every hospital and most of the surgeons Ask4healthcare works with. It is a policy of Ask4healthcare to make sure that the hospitals are clean, safe and up to high quality standards. It is important for us that when sending someone to a hospital or clinic anywhere in India you are able to communicate with the doctors and nurses.

Last but not the least, we are taking feedback from thousands of domestic and international patients to continuously rate and identify the best medical facilities and doctors and you can be rest assured that only the best doctors shall be recommended by us.